Our Educational Focus Areas

The Department of Residential Life strives to support the central mission of both the Division of Student and Academic Services and the University of New Hampshire as a whole.

Both missions pledge support to collaborative learning inside and outside the classroom. Residential Life plays a central role in helping students make the most of their academic experiences while successfully navigating the often unmarked developmental roads that exist outside the classroom. We are dedicated to providing a living experience where students feel safe, and have a chance to grow as an individual and as part of a vibrant living community.
We strive to engage students about their growth and seek to assist them in effectively engaging with others in our community and the world at large.  We value the notion of helping students learn about difference, their own identities, and the concept of social justice.  We also aim to promote the importance of making healthy, well informed decisions about lifestyle, physical and emotional health, study habits, relationships, and use of alcohol and/or drugs. 

In order to meet these goals, each Residence Hall Director works to create a curriculum built around our four educational focus areas. This curriculum is tailored to the specific community that the Residence Hall Director works with in order to ensure that the lessons are relevant and accessible to the students who live there. In building this curriculum, Residence Hall Directors have the ability to put their mark on their community, as well as the license to be creative and innovative in their approach, making this aspect of the position particularly rewarding for many individuals.

For more information on Residential Life’s educational focus areas, see the links below:


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