Community @ UNH

Girls with Pumpkins

Our halls are filled with community spirit! From big hall programs to small floor socials, community in all the UNH Residence Halls have one thing in common: PEOPLE!!! Living in a residence hall is a unique experience; everyone is around your age, interested in a lot of the same things you are, and are excited about getting to know the people around them. 

When we are creating ideas for socials, our focus is on one person – YOU!! What are you interested in seeing happen? Ping-pong? Sure, we’ve got it! Guitar Hero or Wii Tournaments? Got those too! Trips to Boston, New York City, and all over New Hampshire? Look no further than the sign-ups on your bathroom door. But these can’t be all done by Hall Staff – NO WAY!!! We need the help of volunteer students who are looking out for the hall. 

Here are a few examples of the fun things you'll find. Click below for more information on:

Hall Councils and Activity Board

Floor Wars



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