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Welcome to Christensen Hall!

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If you're going to be a first year student at UNH, Christensen Hall is the place to be. Now, some of you might be asking yourself, is Christensen really that great? And the answer is yes! Christensen offers some really great opportunities for first year students, like a great location (right next to Philbrook Dining Hall!!), and a very active hall council that plans a lot of events and trips. These trips and activities vary each year depending on student interest. For example, we just took a trip to New York City because that was the place students wanted to go!


Here in Christensen we believe in creating an environment that is supportive and safe for first year students transitioning into their first year of college. Everyone is in the same boat in Christensen, going through similar struggles, asking similar questions and just trying to find their footing here at UNH.


We are here to help you make the most of your first year! Christensen is a place that people are proud to call their home away from home!

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