Welcome to Fairchild Hall


With about 150 residents, Fairchild feels more like a home than a residence hall. With our International Living theme, Fairchild family spans the globe. Although the proportions of International and American students are always changing, our population of internationally aware and culturally enthusiastic students remains constant.

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Wildcats from Around the World
Some residents are citizens of countries around the world, others have immigrated to the US, several have traveled and studied abroad and many plans to. From Russian to Spanish to Chinese and Swahili, over 12 different languages are spoken and represented here under Fairchild’s roof!





Fairchild: Where Tradition meets Innovation


Built in 1915, Fairchild Hall was the second residence hall built on campus, but with the new renovations, anyone can see this is a place built for today’s students. The rooms are unique in size, with large windows and nice views of Main Street and the new quad area. The hallways are brightly lit with a combination of CFL bulbs lamps and natural light. The stairwells, located on both the east and west sides of the building are big and bright with large windows and wide walkways. Fairchild also has an elevator, which makes move-in day a breeze. Just outside the back entrance is the new quad area ready for football, Frisbee, a BBQ, or homework time.


On the 1st floor (or Main Floor) there’s a large social lounge with tables for studying as well as wireless internet access.  The 1st floor also houses our laundry room (with 4 washers and dryers) and the Fairchild Kitchen (with a fridge, dishwasher, stove, oven, and cooking utensils).  The 1st floor is all male and is home to approximately 26 students.The 2nd floor is a flex floor housing about 29 men and women. The 3rd floor is similar, housing about 40 students, both men and women. The 4th floor is the all female floor.  It houses about 35 students and is home to a large study lounge with an amazing view of Mills, the MUB, and the new quad area!  Head on up the stairs or take the Fairchild elevator and see for yourself!


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