Meet Paul Chiarantona
The Hubbard Hall Director

paulUndergraduate Degree : B.S. in Business Administration: Option in Entrepreneurial Studies, and Political Science from the University of New Hampshire

Why did you choose to become a Hall Director?
Everyone has a unique background that has made them who they are today. I love meeting new people and learning about their passions and the experiences that have shaped their lives. There really is never a dull day when working with students. Their enthusiasm, eagerness, and energy is contagious. Everyday is a new experience as a Hall Director, especially here at UNH. I am very excited to be a resource for students and to help create the best undergraduate experience possible for the residents in Hubbard!  

Why did you choose UNH?
Many of the reasons that I chose to work with the University of New Hampshire were the reasons that I came to UNH for my undergrad. The campus itself is beautiful, and is a short drive or train ride away Portland, Boston, the beaches, and the mountains. UNH has an amazing campus! The students here are very active and involved not only within the campus and its organizations, but also in the surrounding areas and around the world through study abroad, research, and volunteer programs. UNH has such a great energy! It is a place for students to build lifelong relationships, delve into coursework, explore who they are as individuals, and find direction before heading into the "real" world.


Advice for students...
Don’t be afraid to try new things and explore the thousands of opportunities that UNH has to offer! Your undergraduate experience is a time to shape the person that you want to be. You can join organizations, be involved in your hall, build relationships with friends and professors alike, change your major, study abroad, take classes over J-Term and the summer, go to events in the MUB, see a movie on T-Hall Lawn, workout in the Hamel Rec Center, and cheer on our Wildcats at sporting events. There are infinite ways to get involved here at UNH. Try to utilize all of the resources and opportunities available to you while you are here. If you are not sure where to start, come chat with me or any of your RAs.


More Information...

If you have any questions regarding Hubbard Hall, please contact Paul at or at 603-862-1185.