Honors and Making the Grade

Looking to live with other academically motivated students? This theme is for students interested in living in a place that tends to be more quiet and respectful, where students know how to have a good time but choose to make academics their first priority. While many students who live here are in the UNH Honors Program, you don’t have to be! We also have the Making the Grade community here, where like-minded individuals can work together to create a strong community with an academic foundation. We have a lot of space for studying and being social, both upstairs and on the first floor. One unique thing about Hubbard is our large quiet study lounge, where you will always be able to get away from things and focus on your assignments. The staff here also works to incorporate academics, study skills, time management, stress management, and making the most of your opportunities at UNH into our weekly programming, that way we can help you be as successful as possible!


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Here's what students are saying about the social and academic atmosphere in Hubbard Hall:


“Hubbard's quiet study lounge is very useful for those times when you really have to study."
"The Hubbard Hall community is perfect for incoming freshmen; it allows them to be around other freshmen and some upperclassmen. Also, it provides a good balance where one can explore social things in a safe way, and still have a quiet place to live and study to come home to."


"Hubbard is a nice dorm which has an environment that provides many social and academic opportunities for students who wish to make a bunch of new friends as well as maintain their grade point average."
"Hubbard is a close, warm, and kind community of interesting individuals with high goals. There is always something fun going on; you will never be "bored." You learn a lot from other residents, not just academically either. I have learned so much about other paths of life, and from that, I have learned more about myself. I am extremely glad I chose to live in Hubbard."


“Hubbard is a very friendly community no matter what grade you are in.  There is always something to do.  The hall is full of places to study and people to get help from.”


“Hubbard is so welcoming.  It is a great place to meet lifelong friends and have all of the positive aspects of college life, without the pressures to partake in any activity you don’t want to.  Hubbard does not impede your ability to have fun, but it opens opportunities to have different types of fun as well.”