Jessie Doe Hall
Also known as: Jessie Doe, J. Doe, J.D., The Doe

Jessie Doe residents


Whatever you call it, Jessie Doe is an amazing place to live.  Comprised of only 140 residents, we are a great mix of first-year and upper-class students within our four floors. 


Floor wars 2


Jessie Doe sports singles, doubles, built-up triples, and quads. We also boast TWO large lounges– one for studying in the basement, one for playing pool, ping-pong, socializing, hanging by the fireplace, and watching the big screen TV on the first floor, PLUS we have TWO flexible use lounges on the second and third floors






Jessie Doe is ideally located for easy access to main campus (less than a five-minute walk to most classes), and perfectly suited for food (next door to Stillings Dining Hall) and working out (a two-minute walk to the Hamel recreation center).


Jessie Doe women