Common Purposes
A Theme Floor in Haaland

Want to live on a diverse floor full of interesting, open-minded students? Common Purposes: A Multicultural Community is the place for you! Common Purposes (or CP) is a themed floor open to anyone who wants to learn about and live with lots of different people. It’s a safe, open place for people of diverse backgrounds to get together and build a great community.

Common Purposes is located on the second floor of Haaland. The floor houses nearly 70 first-year and upperclass students and features two well-loved lounges where students often congregate.



The students on the floor represent a broad spectrum of students – and they love this tight knit, progressive, welcoming community. Want to hear more about the floor? Read below for quotes directly from the students who live there!


"It’s an eye-opening experience. All of my friends who don’t live here wish they did!”


 “Everyone on the floor is different. You really get to know a wide variety of people.”


"I’ve built friendships that will last a lifetime.”

"People on the floor are really open and friendly – and considerate. They are really comfortable being who they are.”


"The best part of the floor is definitely the people…so many new friends!”


"I love how we all clicked so fast and became friends – we’re a family. There is no one I don’t know on the floor. I love it here!”


"Everyone is wicked social, lots of doors are open, and it is such an accepting floor. I really, really enjoy living on the second floor of Haaland.”