Welcome to Stoke Hall

Stoke Hall is the largest residence hall at UNH housing about 650 students every year! The community is comprised mostly of freshmen and sophomore students, allowing for great friendships and mentoring to occur in the building. In addition to the residents, we have twoPicture of Stoke Students resident assistants on every floor so that the residents always have a resource. We also have one senior RA and one residence hall director that work with students and RAs on a day-to-day basis. Together we work to create and maintain a welcoming and healthy community for you to thrive in.

You might be thinking that you’ll get lost in Stoke, but most residents feel the opposite. Instead they find that they have great floor communities allowing for up to 50 immediate friends, and still have 600 more people to meet, different ways to get involved, and a great location on campus. In Stoke, there is always someone new to meet, an experience to be had, a conversation to challenge you, moments that will bring laughter and wisdom, or times when you can just sit and be one with yourself.

A common theme from incoming students we often hear is, "I was so upset when I got placed in Stoke. I have heard so many bad things about it, but they are not true. This is a great place to live and I love it! I can't wait to live here next year." If you find yourself being worried about living in Stoke, don't worry. You'll love it and be incredibly pleased you were placed here!!


Stoke Floor Wars Event