A theme floor in Stoke

This theme is for students who share an interest in computers and technology. Throughout the year, students will increase their knowledge by learning from each other and putting skills to use in the hall. Working closely together, an atmosphere is provided in which everyone in the program can benefit, and have a lot of fun! You don't have to be a computer Picture of Stoke Hall Studentsgenius, just simply have an interest in the theme.


"The WIRED floor is lots of fun and there are many opportunities for getting help with classes. We help each other regularly and use our different backgrounds and knowledge to assist one another.” -Nate


"It’s great to live in the same place as other people with my interests. We all play the same games and are in the same classes. It’s great to always have friends around. I can always find someone to help me with my computer and we game against one another all of the time. It's cool!" -Paul


"I have met some close friends and have been part of an exciting community. This floor is not just for computer geeks! We have a great time and it is a nice environment for studying and getting work done."