Events and Programs in Williamson Hall

There is never a shortage of activities going on in Williamson Hall.  Hundreds of programs take place throughout the semester.  In Williamson each floor has at least one social event a week (tie-dye, video game tournament, snacks, craft making, watching a sporting event etc.).


In addition to these fun events there are educational programs on a wide variety of topics throughout the year including; setting SMART goals, alcohol use, study abroad, sustainability, food drives, healthy eating and a "What would you do?" program. These programs are a great way to connect with other students and learn about important issues going on around campus and to gain more knowledge on issues students care about.


Other programs include intramurals, pumpkin carving, NYC trip, grilled cheese and smoothies, and the ever popular floor wars!  While many of these programs are presented by the hall staff, many are done by our committed Williamson Hall Activities Council (WHAC) made up of about 15 first year students.  So, if you were involved in High School or are just looking for a great way to make connections in your hall, we're looking for you to join Hall Council!