Hall Director Staff

A clear cornerstone of our program here at UNH Residential Life is the individual attention and focused contact our professional and student staff has with their residents. We are proud of our efforts in this area and feel that they make a definite difference in the lives of our students. So don’t be surprised if your Hall Director comes knocking on your door or invites you down to their office for a chat.  Almost all of our Hall Directors have master's degrees in a field of study called College Student Development. That means they went to graduate school to learn about working with and helping college students.


In addition to getting to know residents, the RHDs spend their time supervising the Resident Assistants (RAs), planning programs and events, handling administrative tasks related to the building, and making sure your experience at UNH is fun, safe and educational.  They are here because they love working with students and they are a great resource to help you with an issue or questions you may have while you are here at UNH. 


So if you are having trouble adjusting to college life
...go talk to your hall director.
If you are having trouble managing life with one or two roommates
...go talk to your hall director.
If you or one of your friends is dealing with some personal issues such as eating concerns, drug or alcohol use
...go talk to your hall director.
If you want to get involved with some activities on campus and don't know where to start...
...well, you're starting to get the picture…


Click on the drop down menu below to view a profile of the Hall Directors and to get their contact information.  They would love to hear from you!  Please note: these are their office phone numbers and our hall director staff does not start working until mid-August.

Not sure who to contact? The central staff can help you.