Living on Campus

UNH students love living on campus!  Each year we do a survey of our residents and we get an amazing 88% return rate! 

Here’s a sample of  what they tell us about their Residence Hall experience.


Picture of UNH Students
cat head logo 82% say that it is easy for them to make friends in their hall.
cat head logo 94% say they like living in their residence hall.
cat head logo 93% say that most people on their floor are respectful of one another.
cat head logo 91% say their hall offers enough weekend activities.
cat head logo 93% say their hall is a place that fosters civility and respect.
cat head logo 97% say their RA has been a positive role model
cat head logo 98% say they respect their RA
cat head logo 93% say their hall director has had a positive impact on the community.