EDUC 444B:  Be the Change You Want to See:
Active Citizenship in a Multicultural World

Form a bond by taking 1 of your 4 classes with people you live with!


Want to live in a multicultural community that celebrates diversity?  Housed in our newest building, Haaland, this co-ed group of 25 students will participate in a 4 credit seminar class which explores concepts related to being an active citizen in a diverse world.  This floor aims to draw students from varied backgrounds interested in this topic. This class meets on M/W from 1:10-2:30 in Haaland 105. It fulfills Discovery:(INQ/SS) - Inquiry, Social Science.















Meet the Course Professors...

Vilmarie and Bruce

Vilmarie Sanchez is a Ph.D. student in the Education Department at UNH. Her areas of interest in teacher education consist of linguistic diversity, inclusion, and identity development of young children. Prior to this she worked for over 10 years in Human Resources, focused on employee relations, leadership development, and training and development. As a facilitator for the UNH Social Justice Educators, she works with the campus community on social justice issues in the workplace and in the classroom. She is passionate about multi-cultural education and is delighted to be co-teaching this course.


Bruce L. Mallory is a faculty member in the Department of Education UNH. He has been a faculty member since 1979 focusing on social  policy and programs that support young children with disabilities and their families.  He finds great satisfaction in supporting community-based dialogue, kayaking, hiking, and biking along the beaches and mountains of New Hampshire, listening to a ridiculously wide range of music.



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We know that this group of first year students will have a great start to their UNH experience as a result of living together, and taking this class as a community.  If you are interested in joining this community, check off this option on your housing application. If you have questions feel free to call Ruth Abelmann or Mary Faucher at (603) 862-2268.