"It’s a great thing to walk into a class on the first day and already know the people around you.  It makes it easier to speak up in class and make some great friends."
--Taylor Warren

"As a freshman doing the living/learning community it has made a huge difference in how I study and ask for help."
-- Nina Russem

"Krista (Jackman) is the greatest.  She makes the class fun and she’s enthusiastic about the subject."
--William Ford



English 401 Discovery
An extension of the 2011 University Dialogue

Form a bond by taking 1 of your 4 classes with people you live with!


Live with students and share the English 401 course filling the  University first year writing requirement.  Students living on this floor will be placed together on a floor in either Williamson or Christensen.  Both of these halls house only first year students while the learning community is on one of the floors in the halls.


Check out this story to find out more about this English 401 offering:  http://unh.edu/news/campusjournal/2011/Nov/23discovery.cfm


This RLC is not available to students who have or intend to take the AP English exam or any other English 401 equivalency course, even if you have not received your score/grade yet.

This section of English 401will be taught by Krista Jackman, a veteran teacher and Lecturer in the English Department.  When not in Durham, Krista lives in Maine with her husband and two children.  She is eager to begin this Living Learning experience, and to initiate what will hopefully be a rich foundational community that will carry students well into their years at UNH.

We know that this group of first year students will have a great

start to their UNH experience as a result of living together, and taking this class as a community.  If you are interested in joining this community, check off this option on your housing application. If you have questions feel free to call Ruth Abelmann or Mary Faucher at (603) 862-2268