Why Risk It?

We want you to know it is possible to lose your housing for a first time policy violation at UNH.  While most students follow the rules, there are many each year who lose housing because they violated a policy.  Below is a list of first time violations that could lead to eviction from the residence halls or on-campus apartments, and/or suspension from UNH.Why Risk It?

Your Choices Matter!

Here are some highlights from the UNH Housing Contract.  While we have highlighted certain behaviors, please be aware that you are responsible for everything in the Housing Contract.  


All students are subject to the University Rights & Rules governing the use of alcohol, as well as federal, state, and local laws of alcohol use, including  the Open Container Ordinance of Durham, NH. Entryways, hallways, and lounges are common areas, and consumption of alcohol is prohibited in these areas (even by those of legal drinking age).

  1. Only students of legal drinking age (21 years or older) may consume alcohol in their own room or in the room of another student who is at least 21 years old.
  2. A legal age drinker may have just one open alcohol container at a time for personal consumption.
  3. Alcohol is not permitted in any of the common or public areas of the undergraduate residence halls or apartment buildings.
  4. Possession or consumption of alcohol is permitted only in rooms where at least one of the assigned residents is at least 21 years old.
  5. All common sources of alcohol, including but not limited to kegs, punch bowls, beer balls, or excessive amounts of alcohol in bottles or cases, are strictly prohibited.
  6. Providing underage people with alcohol is illegal and strictly prohibited.
  7. Any person who is under the influence of alcohol and whose behavior leads to personal injury or illness may be considered in violation of the alcohol policy.
  8. Having a gathering in a residence room that involves illegal consumption of alcohol will likely lead to eviction upon a first offense.  A gathering is defined as more people in the room than just the people who are assigned to that room.

Drugs and Paraphernalia-

Students may not possess, use, or be under the influence or, sell illegal drugs. Sharing or otherwise distributing illegal drugs or controlled substances in or around the residence hall/apartment community will be subject to eviction from the residence halls and possible suspension or expulsion from the university.  Paraphernalia which can be used with illegal drugs including, but not limited to, bongs, pipes, rolling papers, etc. is prohibited.

Violations of any of these policies could result in eviction, suspension or expulsion from the University.


The University of New Hampshire is a weapon free campus.  This applies to all residence halls and apartments.   Weapons includes but are not limited to firearms, simulated firearms such as air soft guns, dangerous chemicals, any explosive device, numb chucks, brass knuckles, butterfly knives, paintball guns/equipment and other materials that can be used to intimidate, threaten or endanger others are prohibited on campus.

Lewd or Indecent Behavior -

Behavior which is lewd or indecent, including but not limited to, public or unwanted nudity, urination or defecation in areas other than toilets or urinals, sexual activity in public areas, or voice or written messages to others which are considered lewd or indecent by the receiver.

Guest, Visitation, and Escort Policies - 

Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and for informing guests of policies. All guests need to be escorted by their host at all times while visiting in the building. Students within University housing are collectively responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their guests whether invited or not. Overnight guests are not permitted in University housing without advance permission of all students of the room/apartment in which they are staying.  Overnight guests may not stay longer than two nights in any given week.  No more than ten people may be in a residence hall room or between 13 and 24 people in an apartment, depending on the apartment, per order of the Durham Fire Department. University apartment residents must register with and receive approval from the Property Manager for hosting a gathering of more than 13 people (including hosts).  Residents of the apartments must adhere to the Special Event’s/Parties guidelines as they appear in the policies for apartment residents’ document.

Damage - 

Damage, theft, and vandalism to University property are strictly prohibited.  Each student is financially responsible for the replacement cost or repair of any breakage or damage (except for normal wear & tear) to the accommodations and its furnishings as well as for his/her share of the costs of any damages in the common areas of University housing.

Hall Sports - 

Behavior that may result in personal injury or damage to property is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to hall sports, water fights, some forms of practical jokes, roughhousing, dropping items out of windows, improper behavior on balconies, tampering with or other misuse of elevators, and failure to observe fire safety rules and procedures.  All athletic activities are to be confined to areas outside University housing which are specifically designated for such purposes..

Noise -  

Each student shall respect and observe the rights of other students occupying University housing. Noise that is disruptive to others, is prohibited.  Courtesy hours are always in effect and residents are to respect requests of others for quiet.  Night time hours are “Quiet hours”, when residents are to be aware of the volume and impact of their noise.  At no time should amplified sound or yelling be directed out or at residents’ windows and residents also need to maintain reasonable quiet in courtyard areas at all times. The placement of stereo speakers in such a manner that sound carries out from the apartment or room is strictly prohibited. Compliance with the Durham noise ordinance is required.  All established quiet hours must be observed.

Failure to Comply -

Refusing to cooperate with hall or apartment staff or university police who are attempting to investigate or deal with a situation in a university residence hall or apartment is prohibited.  You are required to provide proper identification and truthfully answer legitimate inquiries.

Civility -

Students are expected to be civil and respectful in all their relationships and respect the dignity, value and worth of all persons.  It is not acceptable to physically, mentally, psychologically or sexually abuse any member of this community, or participate in or condone any form of bigotry, harassment, intimidation or threat, whether verbal, written, physical or psychological, direct or implied.

Common Area Use -

Students are expected to use good judgment when displaying material in the common areas of university housing. .  These include any areas outside of a student room, including lounges, hallways, and hallway doors.  Students are prohibited from displaying material in common areas that interfere with the educational mission of the university, including, but not limited to, materials that are pornographic or depict sexual conduct and have not been approved by the residence hall staff, information that advertises or promotes drugs or alcohol, postings that use profane or vulgar language, and information that is harassing or threatening to others.  The display of materials in the common areas includes but is not limited to, photographs, posters, written materials, videos, and live performance.  Videos shown in the common areas must have a rating of G, PG, PG-13 or R, and individuals who show videos are expected to comply with all applicable copyright laws.  


For a complete copy of the Housing Contract & the Student Rights and Rules please go to www.unh.edu/housing/housinginfo/roomboardagreement.html


Pictures and Written Comments Posted on Facebook, AIM and other locations can be used as evidence in judicial and criminal proceedings. 

If you have any questions about any of these policies please contact your Hall Director or Apartment Manager.